The riches in Community

Dear Community,

Following last Sunday’s Community meeting, I feel compelled to put pen to paper to share a few thoughts with you all.

Having lived away from Malta for almost six years, we consider it a great blessing whenever our stay in Malta coincides with a Community meeting.  Living in a foreign country, albeit a Catholic one, we consider  ourselves deprived of the many gifts Community has to offer: spiritual nurturing, sound teaching, communal praise and worship and Christian fellowship for both ourselves, and of course Carla and Katrina.

Yesterday’s meeting was of course no exception.  In fact, I felt very privileged to happen to be here.  As various members shared both facts and testimonies about the diverse range of teams and projects, both  within and outside Community, I could not but sit in awe of the marvelous ways in which God is using this precious tool for the building of His kingdom.

The fact that we are away might help us to appreciate the value of  Community more (absence makes the heart grow fonder, doesn’t it :)??), but we certainly all have reason to be so very grateful for the privilege of being a part of such spiritual wealth!

Last Sunday’s meeting was for me a renewed opportunity to see at first hand the fruit of our Community.  Going a step further, it spurred on the yearning for our family’s eventual return to working within Community for His kingdom.

All praise and glory goes to Him!

God bless you.
Vicky Mifsud


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