The fruit of SEVEN

Only last Thursday SEVEN came to an end after six very fruitful weeks.

When I was approached to form part of the SEVEN Team a few months ago, I took the invite on wholeheartedly because in these urgent times we are living in, it is so important to try to bring everyone to the ‘Truth and great love’ of Jesus; the message of Salvation.  This time however, SEVEN would target the 30+ age group, which was a first, as normally this course is aimed at teenagers.

The team was made up of SEVEN of us, both male and female, and it was great to put our heads together and take on board all the responsibilities we were assigned, to get all the promotion going.  As a team, the most important thing was to pray for the people who God would send, and then of course, to plan and get all the logistics in order.

From the word go, I had this excitement in my heart, as did all of us, and that gave us the zeal to approach people and invite them to SEVEN. It’s incredible how God works in you when you want to serve Him!  I suddenly found myself speaking to every person I met about what we intended to do and I feel that He gave me so much boldness to do so; something that before I would have thought more about before actually speaking out. But this time, I felt that the more  persons I spoke the better, and then it was up to the Holy Spirit to convict them; I was just the messenger.

As a team we worked so well together and met often to intercede and work together. I feel that the build-up was a good time for us to get to know each other and for God to use our talents in different ways to serve him. The most exciting part was waiting for applications to come in and we were over the moon when we reached about 160!

When the course actually began, the team would go to Gattard two hours earlier to set up the place, prepare the food and most importantly pray. We were so lucky to have so much help all round; Andrew, our superb speaker whose talks touched the hearts of so many people; a brilliant Worship Team; sound system; people helping out with the bar and food and many other important aspects.

Over the weeks we could see hearts softening and the Holy Spirit gently doing His work and convicting people of God’s amazing love and mercy and our retreat on the Sunday was a piece of heaven! God’s faithfulness was so evident, and amidst many tears but also much joy, many gave their lives to Jesus. What an amazing day! It is true that when you give, you receive, because I felt I have received so much over these weeks through being of service, as I know did the rest of the team.

We pray now that the seed that has been planted will keep on being nurtured and will grow from strength to strength…that is the challenge now. We keep on praying that many of those who did the course will develop a great thirst to know Jesus better and believe  in the truth and will themselves, in turn, be the ones to bring other people to Jesus too…And the ball keeps rolling, with God then using these people for His glory.

Liz Tabone

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