Open Day at Convent – A Success

[auth]comm-9744 The day started off with a beautiful mass in the chapel (which for me is always special because of its intimacy). The children sounded like angels when they both sang and said poems for their grandparents at the end of mass and then presented them with a gift. It was really touching.

When the social event started there was a flurry of activity (especially from those helping). The first thing that struck me when I walked in was the beautiful display of plants in one of the alcoves in the corridor and the equally impressive display of vegetables in another. These sold very well because apparently there were none left at the end of the day.

comm-9844Outside in the court yard groups sat down at tables under the lemon trees and enjoyed a hot dog or plate of pasta and a cold drink.  For many the marvellous cup cakes were a highlight. These were baked by community members (thanks to all of you who did so), and then skilfully decorated to perfection by Erika - she could get a job decorating cakes as they were a work of art.

comm-9825(1)The day concluded with the drawing of the raffle which had some very generous prizes including a weekend break for two at the Ramla Bay Resort and dinner for two at the Fortina Spa Resort to be won. In all there were more than 20 prizes so there were many happy winners. Congratulations to all of them!!

It was a wonderful day and I want to thank Dirk and Erika and all the helpers for their cheerful service and their big hearts.  God bless you all.