No Price too High – Testimonies

[auth]“What a privilege and a blessing it is to be part of the Cenacolo Community”. These were the words of many of us who attended this year’s community weekend “No Price too High”. Indeed, it was a Spirit-filled weekend. Blessed by the presence and prophetic words of Deacon Alex Jones, and the almost heavenly time of praise and worship in God’s presence, this weekend has drawn many a step closer to the very heart of God.

From the relating of his story and how God took him very slowly over the years and eventually led him to the truth, beauty and richness of the Catholic Church, to the more challenging insights on how the Christian is to keep focused on becoming a disciple, by seeking spiritual nourishment, be willing to accept being pruned and learn to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, Deacon Alex Jones appealed both to the minds and the hearts of those present, veterans and new members alike.

His sharing has been a testimony and a reminder that God is constantly mindful of us and has our best interest in mind. He seeks opportunities to save us and bring us ever closer to the Truth. He is never finished with us, and even when things look settled, He takes us a step deeper as the years in our journeying with him progress. It is of great encouragement to know that the One who started this work of conversion in us, will bring it to completion, that we may ultimately reach our heavenly destination.

Deacon Jones reminded us that this ultimate aim of resting in God’s heavenly Kingdom can only be attained if we remain tuned-in by constantly seeking the Father’s will for us and be open to intentionally grow away from mediocrity to a life-altering experience. The Creator summons us to know Him ever so deeper through the grace and knowledge of His Son Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells in us as baptized Christians. He has given us all the tools we need to accompany us on this journey of growing in our Faith; Scripture and Tradition to help us along the way.

And not just! In calling us to the Truth, and in revealing His very self to us, God graciously bestows upon us the gift of sharing Him with others. What an honour and a privilege for us to know Him! We that were wretched have been lifted up to a supreme level of dignity and called to be partakers in God’s plan for the salvation of others. As the Community enriches us through formation, it constantly gives us the opportunity to evangelize to others, whichever state of life we are in. No wonder the echo “what a privilege and a blessing it is to be part of the Cenacolo Community”.

Below are some other comments by community members on this year’s community weekend.

“Community weekend was a powerful experience to me; that much needed push in my spiritual life. I found the very testimony of the speaker to be a confirmation that what I believe in is the real deal, that I am in the right place”. Ruth Cassar

“It was a great reminder of what we believe – especially the Eucharist. I’m also really glad that I have now joined Community. Although before I felt part of this family just the same, it was like before I was fostered but now adopted and officially part of this wonderful family”. Kara Micallef

“Community weekend was a refreshing weekend where God confirmed that God changes our life and asks us to do things that are not easy. I have to believe and obey the Word of God”. Alfio Catania

“It was a great reminder how privileged we are – though unworthy – to be members of the Cenacolo Community, a vibrant Christian community rooted in the orthodoxy of the Catholic Church”. Noel Mifsud

“I rediscovered the joy of being ‘Mary’ again; laying down at Jesus’ feet, longing for Him to ‘teach’ me yet willing for Him to ‘send’ me out like the disciples”. Lizzie Gauci

“Once again this year’s Community weekend was a reminder to strive to follow Jesus and live a life worthy of His calling”. Gavin Muscat

"The community weekend was exactly what I needed. The Lord has been very loud and clear in his reply to my prayers". Costantino Mifsud

"The weekend was a time where I experienced Jesus loving me personally once again and in such a tangible way. I also strongly felt it was a special time of blessing for the whole community. We have to be indeed thankful for what God is doing in our lives". Erika Spiteri Lucas Scorey

“Deacon Alex’s testimony in defence of the Catholic faith was a great encouragement to me, especially because of his Protestant roots. Also, the weekend was a great opportunity to speak and spend time with people within community who I generally wouldn’t have time to speak to during a normal meeting”. Miguel Manara[/auth]