My Experience with ACTS

[auth]“All glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think” (Eph 3:20).

Indeed, these past 11 years, since Come and See 2000, I have seen this scripture happen in my life.  Although I always thought of being a good Christian, the transition to getting to know Jesus in a personal way taught me, amongst others, how far away I was from the narrow path, from the only Truth. Allowing God to take control of all the areas of my life,  one by one, I realized that God makes the ‘impossible’(in my eyes) possible. My turning point was when through His grace I managed to forgive. This helped me realize the difference Jesus brings and the infinite love He has towards me!

Sometimes, during this spiritual journey, we are called to take ‘blind’ steps or so called ‘risks’ for His Kingdom.  Last year I experienced this when  I felt that I should dedicate a few months to do ACTS.  I  had never considered the option due to financial commitments, namely, work  etc.  However when I opened myself to God’s call, and prayed  about it, I realized it was actually possible. So I decided to take on this experience and I embarked on this adventure in October 2010.

So far God has worked wonders in me, probably more than through me.  In the past 5 months my personal relationship with Jesus strengthened and  I realized even more that His faithfulness  and love have no limits. Working with other members who have God’s Kingdom as their main vision is also a real blessing. It’s like having a second family.  Sharing God’s love and truth, both individually and as a team with students amazes me on how God can work even through weak people like me.  Each time we visit a school, we ask the students for their written feedback and this gives us a glimpse of how God touched their hearts. Not to mention the many other situations where God would have worked without us knowing. Although perhaps we think that youths, nowadays, can (and want to ) live  without God, the truth is that deep down, everyone thirsts for Love, acceptance and for God.

God’s providence has also accompanied me in a tangible way. I am receiving much more than I am giving and I am looking forward to the remaining three months, and perhaps , God willing, another ACTS experience in the future![/auth]