Living Waters latest trip to Ethiopia

[auth]IMG_0514Although mission in the past was, or could be seen, as part of our adolescent years and the adventurous enthusiasms and daring fever that these times bring about, today, the scene has or is changing for all of us.  We are now mothers, wives to be, ladies in the secular world, mature women entailing further studies at University and above all, have known God for a good number of years.  So the zeal or burning desire to keep following Him above all else and to choose Him amongst the rest has now surpassed the phase of the “enthusiastic conversion period” if I may say.  Moreover in our case, the meeting with God in our lives was in the poor and through the poor, yet we are all convinced that our vocation today is not to be the missionary in far away countries.

IMG_0533So all five of us were very curious to know why God has asked us to visit Ethiopia this time round.  The official invitation had originally come from Bahir Dar Sisters, the Daughters of Charity who heartily wanted us to be there for the celebration of the project which the Living Waters Mission Team has started way back in 2006 and which is now nearing completion.  Yet, in actual fact, if there had to be some Maltese representatives it would have made more sense that some others from the team would have gone, as there have been many more who worked to raise funds and tackle all the financial difficulties which we faced to arrive to the completion of this project.

Moreover, the project would not have happened without the help of Mission Ethiopia, an idea created by Mark Caruana, the economic guidance of Walance, the supervision of Sylvana, the spiritual support and patience of Manuel and many others who contributed in making this dream become a  reality for 55 homeless families.

IMG_0517Although it was nice that we were invited, I would have been rightly justified if I never accepted this invite, a mother of two toddlers, a wife and with a committed working life. The same applies to the other four of us.  The timing was not right for all – Elaine getting married in a month’s time, Melanie and Charlene with University exams and Elisa with a very tight business schedule apart from the fact that she was lately not active in the group.  Yet it seemed that it was us who God was calling this time round.  In our prayers we asked God to speak clear and this HE DID!! He could not be any louder and clearer.

A decade and a couple of years later after the foundation of the LWMT, things might have been fading away for some time, adolescents became adults and the very young growing older.  Gone are the days when on Sunday mornings all members of the group wake up at 3am to wait to be accepted at Razzett tal-Hbiberija car boot sale to raise funds from left overs!!!  That was how we raised Lm100 every Sunday, selling items at 10c / 20c maximum.  So much as the euro change over took place, so also had our fundraising activities moving to receptions, car washes, marathons, courses, calendars, logs, figolli and much more…IMG_0571.Although the LWMT does not meet every week as it used to, all our members meet for different functions within community, more or less every week anyway.

And amidst all the changes and growth that we have been through, it was very clear that God wants us to go back to basics.  The strength of all the achievements in these years was the basic fundamental – a renewal of our initial vows. 

God Bless you,
Natalie Briffa Farrugia
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