Journey of the Heart

[auth]The weekend Journey of the Heart, that took place at Porziuncola Retreat House between the 23rd and the 25th of November, was well attended by a good number of young, single community members. For many, this weekend proved to be a blessing and an eye-opener on how one can embrace and seek to grow during this time of being single. From what many had to share, the talks by Andrew Consiglio and Paul Vincenti were inspiring, as were the workshops Konrad Borg and Becky Tabone gave. The weekend came to an end with mass, celebrated by Fr Claude Portelli. What follows are just some of the testimonies...
"The singles' weekend was simply a blessing of a retreat. The idea of organizing such weekend was an inspiration in itself and the execution was nothing short of awesome.

I had really high expectations for this weekend, however these were not met; they were shifted and formed into much better ones. My priority shifted from desiring a relationship to desiring and working even more for a relationship with God. It served as a wake up call to remind me that the relationship with my Heavenly Father was somehow obscured by my insecurities and still legitimate wishes, and that it had lost its first place in my priorities list.

The well-prepared programme, amazing testimonies and worship sessions, helped me gather the pieces again, and through new-found friendships (and strengthening of others), helped me in starting to gain a new identity in Christ. The atmosphere was great and very heart-warming all the way, and it gave me a new sense of purpose even in the Community as a whole.

I walked out of the weekend a different person. I walked out in the knowledge that I'm God's son and I'm loved no matter what. I'm sure that during this retreat God has planted great blessings to happen in each and everyone's lives."

James Gatt
"'For those who are single, you may apply for the 'Singles' Retreat' in seeking a relationship that will lead to marriage.'
When I heard the retreat being announced at Community, I was curious as to what it may be all about, however it also created in me an interest as it would also be a nice opportunity to get to know other people in Community who are single. I thought that it would be a very nice experience to share each others' views in a prayerful environment.

After weeks of waiting anxiously for this retreat, I became a little nervous and felt slightly awkward.
From day one however, it appeared that it was going to be a good retreat, as from the start I had the opportunity to meet old friends as well as make new friends.

The weekend was really an eye-opener and once again Jesus was clearly showing us all how much he really loves us and that he answers our prayers, not always in ways that we can immediately understand.

All in all, it has been a wonderful retreat, which I will remember for a long time in my heart. The retreat encouraged me spiritually as well as materially. It has made my faith in God grow stronger.

Thank you to the Organizing Team for organizing this retreat."

Maria Carabot
"I applied for this weekend not knowing what to expect, but left with the realization of how important singlehood is. The session about becoming the person you are looking for really set me thinking. It made me realize that this time is not to be wasted but should be an opportunity to become more intimate with God and let Him complete me instead of waiting for a partner to feel complete. This has really encouraged me and I can finally surrender my single life to God believing completely that He is taking care of my needs and desires without worrying too much. This weekend has brought more hope into my life and I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to be part of it."

Katyana Camilleri[/auth]