His Holiness Pope Francis’ first six weeks

[auth]“Looking to the final judgment must never frighten us…Rather, it urges us to live the present better. With mercy and patience, God offers us this time so that we might learn every day to recognize him in the poor and the small, might strive for the good, and might be vigilant in prayer and love,” so that when he comes he will find us his good and faithful servants. These were the concluding words of His Excellency Pope Francis, as he addressed the crowd gathered at St Peter’s Square yesterday.

Pope Francis I appears on the central balconyThe entire address yesterday, was once again, one that spoke to the hearts of people, encouraging believers to stay focused on Jesus and to channel all their energy into sharing Him with others. Noticeably, messages like these, accompanied with humble gestures, Pope Francis has been marking the lives of the faithful and non-believers alike, ever since being elected as the 266th successor of St. Peter, six weeks ago.

Way before being elected Pope, the Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, had already been noted by those he ministered to and lived around for constantly displaying a concern for the poor, and a commitment to dialogue and build bridges between people of all backgrounds and beliefs. He has now brought these qualities into his new calling as leader of the Catholic Church. Evidently, at age 76, Pope Francis will be teaching us a lot through the anointing bestowed upon him by the Holy Spirit. May we support him with our prayers, that many souls may continue being saved.[/auth]