A Beautiful Night

[auth]As I listened to some instrumental music...I think God has continued to manifest himself through it as well, because it has really helped me to remember and to pray and to continue on experiencing God's mercy, forgiveness, love and generosity...God really took me way back to my youthful days when I was 14 and I was for the first time coming to know the Lord...those adorations in that small chapel...it was amazing then and it was amazing now coming back to that memory Saturday night alone with God...it was like going or walking back in my spiritual journey and God reminding me that He was still that same personal God of intimacy...reminding me who I was and how I was way back...fervent, enthusiastic, wholehearted, in love, called by name and chosen by Him...also those songs that used to directly speak and touch my heart way back - they were all there reminding me of those associated experiences and words I had from the Lord way back...God gave me a lot of scriptures too...it was amazing how God manifested Himself through the Blessed Sacrament, His Word and the music too...speaking so very deeply about who He was and is, about His amazing love that paid my debt so dearly so that I might live...about God who was and still is my hiding place and who has always surrounded me with words and songs of deliverance...it was like God was removing a veil for some time to show me who He is...reminding me that He was still the same and He had never changed...truly it was an experience of what we were reflecting about in this retreat - the presence of the Holy, Almighty tender-hearted and loving God, who became flesh and dwelt with us/with me and died for me...He was enabling me to approach Him as least for a moment, to enter the Holy of Holies with eyes wide open...tasting the God of intimacy and love, like a little taste of Heaven. Thank you, Jesus.

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